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I’ve met Luísa online since we were naturally attracted to the same kind of things, projects, colors, forms, forms of art. As time passed by, I could reenforce that developed taste and was eager to see what novelties were her late discoveries. Through her, I’ve discovered artists I did not know, a certain way of looking at buildings and other architectural aspects.

And then came the fabrics. Luísa started to play with the fabrics, leftovers of her architectural and design projects… The beautiful fabrics begun to take form as bags, and the bags played with colors, and the colors with forms and the original la LÙSac appeared.

The bags are absolutely practical, with a convinient size for everyday use, both formal and casual, and the details are absolutely amazing… For instance, the inside label is totally personalized which shows the degree of commitment of the project with its clients/friends.

My particular la LÙSac is made from a piece of parisien Pierre Frey design fabric and its called Nolita. It’s black and white with several grey tones, and the inside is made of a vintage dark grey kind of canvas, with a wide very useful pocket.

One thing is certain, when and were ever I take my LÙSac I can assure that someone will comment, take interest or plainy appreciate. Thank you la LÙSac and the great artist behind the project, Luísa Vanzini!

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